Ivan the Illustrated fought, and won, Crown Tournament for the Kingdom of Caid in fall of AS 25 (Anno
Societatis 25, or mundanely 1990 CE).  He became Caid's Crown Prince that day, meaning that at the
next Coronation, he was crowned King and his Consort Fiona was crowned Queen.  In addition to his
many tattoos, Ivan's trademark was the bells he wore on his boots.  His shield bore a sea serpent,
and I should explain that "bastard" refers to a bastard sword, not to a child born out of wedlock.

I wrote this poem as an acrostic sonnet.  A sonnet is a poem of 14 lines written in iambic pentameter,
and an acrostic is a poem where the first letters of each line spell a phrase.  This poem also has an
internal rhyme and rhythm scheme in addition to that of a sonnet, making it technically one of the
most complex poems I've written.  The acrostic message and the internal rhyme and rhythm are the
reasons I didn't put space between the stanzas as would ordinarily be done with a sonnet.  In spite of
all the above, I hope it's a relatively easy read.  This was published in the Kingdom's collection of
fighter poems for that tournament.

By the time of this poem's writing, I had finally started using my official SCA name.
Sir Ivan the King
A Fighter Poem

by Lord Eldwin Nightowl
So bright in summer's argent sky, the sun,
In regal rising, spying battle's field,
Roused Thor who thunder hushed to hear the pun
In Ivan's ringing steps with boots bell-heeled.
Vowed Ivan ne'er a great sword wield 'til sword
And shield were mastered.  Slicing fast, his swing
Noised past glaive's feint and parrying bastard.  Lords,
Thrust to Valhalla, asked: will he be king?
His boots belied, in ringing din, what true
Eyes swore; but ringing blade, Fiona's cries,
Keyed Thor.  No lust for rule, the god then knew,
Inspired him.  Thor spied this in Ivan's eyes:
Not sword, nor sea-snake shield, nor iron glove
Grabbed vict'ry's Crown; but true Fiona's love.