This is the poem I wrote for Bhaltar de Fairmont, who fought for Lady Islyle in Crown Tourney held in
spring of AS 24 (Anno Societas 24, or mundanely 1990 CE).  It was published in the
.  Bhaltar and Islyle were among the people who introduced me to the SCA, and were very
helpful to me and others.  Bhaltar sometimes fought florentine, meaning using two swords at once.

I had used the SCA name Eldwin of Gallavally, then Eldwin Leanderson, then changed to Eldwin
Nightowl, which is the name I registered.  During a transition from one name to another while writing
this poem, I used the name below.
Lord Bhaltar de Fairmont
A Fighter Poem

by Lord Eldwin Nightowl of Gallavally
The Lord Bhaltar de Fairmont,
Know that ne'er would he dare flaunt
His prowess with florentine swords.
For although he was mighty
(And he did not hit lightly)
He humbly met ladies and lords.

But one day this fine brave man
(`Though not really a glaive man)
Did stretch far beyond normal reach.
With two long swords to swing
He fought not to be king
But to crown fair Islyle and teach.

He would teach lords and knights
To be true in their fights
And to follow the laws, not tresspass.
But a fighter in red
Swung to make Bhaltar dead--
That man fell and lay still on the grass.

While good Bhaltar stood o'er him
A brute foe tried to floor him--
Soon that foe joined the great fallen band.
When the strong shield arm
Of a third came to harm,
Chiv'lrous Bhaltar slew him with one hand.

But a knight with two blades
Our poor Bhaltar unmade
When the knight's sword sliced into his back.
Yet Lord Bhaltar was brave
And fought back from the grave
`Though he stumbled, and paused, and drew back.

But still true to his quest,
He drew deep a full breath
And fought hard to live on, not to die.
Then a second knight swung,
And Lord Bhaltar was flung
To the ground, his soul thrown to the sky.

Now Lord Bhaltar is gone
And Islyle mourns on
But a wise man who watched said that when he
Took on one, he could win,
But this truth did him in:
For two knights is just one knight too many.