While I'm now stuck in the middle of nowhere, in the nether end of the 20th Century, I was very
active in an organization called the Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA for short.  The SCA
is an association that teaches by doing about the Middle Ages through the Renaissance, or
essentially any period from about the 5th Century  to 1600 CE (AD).  Members dress up in
armour and hit each other with "swords," write and recite poetry, do needle work, sing and play
songs, shoot archery with old-style bows, dance, brew, ride horses, etc.  They do just about
anything they did in the "good old days" of hundreds of years ago, with the exception of dying in
mass numbers from the Black Plague.  While members might become lords and ladies, barons
and baronesses, or even kings and queens, in real life they might be teachers, district attorneys,
mechanics, federal investigators, clerks, computer programmers, journalists, or McDonald's
trainees.  The organization is built on mutual respect and trust, and is also a lot of fun (I love the
weekend-long camp-out "wars," which sometimes last more than a week).  You can learn more
about the SCA at

My persona name in the SCA varied somewhat, but my official name is Eldwin Nightowl, an SCA
lord.  I'll describe Eldwin in more detail later. But for now, know that Eldwin was born in 1562 in
England and, after fleeing his homeland, did a variety of services ranging from dishwasher to
cook's helper to sword and knife seller to bard (poet, song-writer, singer) to marshal in training to
archer to drummer for belly dancers to historian to chronicler to deputy seneschal (something
like local vice president).  Eldwin was primarily found in the SCA Barony of Dreiburgen in the
Kingdom of Caid, which at that time included Southern California, the Las Vegas area of Nevada,
Hawaii and New Zealand.  But I understand the boundaries have changed, as happens with
kingdoms.  (Caid lost New Zealand).

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